For your convenience the movements are designed to be printed on postcard sized cards that you may wish to laminate for longer life.

Especially useful for teachers of bridge as fewer board numbers are catered for as well.

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Useful for bridge teachers and small bridge clubs

How do I obtain my free movement cards?

You can download the file by clicking onto.

Howell full movement 2 tables

Howell full movement 3 tables

Howell partial movement 3 tables

Howell full movement 4 tables

Howell full movement 5 tables

Howell partial movement 5 tables

Howell full movement 6 tables

Howell ¾ movement 6 tables

Howell partial movement 6 tables

Howell full movement 7 tables

Hesitation Mitchell movement 7 tables

Howell ¾ movement 8 tables

Appendix Mitchell movement 10 tables, useful when you have 9½ tables

Hesitation Mitchell movement 11 tables, useful when you have 10½ tables

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